I had a neighbor who was blind.

Tell me what I did wrong.

That's exactly what I intend to do.


Marsha invited Pedro to his birthday party.

Such trouble stems from carelessness.

When I was studying at Beijing University, my parents came to China and traveled for three months.

Valeria looked at me and asked me to hug her.

Why didn't you tell me that this woman was pregnant?


I can't believe that didn't work.

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I want to know why you weren't here to help us yesterday.


This is the first time I've ever milked a cow.

What more is there to know?

He tried to brave it out while held as a hostage.

Izumi arrived in a helicopter.

I still bear her name in mind.

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I had nothing left but misery.

I stumbled across this problem when I was working on something else.

There is a continuation.

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Do something else.

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Yamada isn't popular with girls in his own grade, but he's popular with the younger girls at school.

I have more money than Gail.

Cris is defending human rights.

Believe in yourself or no one else will.

Are you still angry with Samir?


The man drinks water.


When did you fire Hwa?


I don't know exactly yet.


I have to see Werner now.

The mayor will compromise to a certain extent.

After school, Noemi usually sticks around as long as he can because he doesn't want to go home.

If he came tomorrow, I would have more time to talk.

If you come back this afternoon, I'll have a couple of experts here for you.

Why didn't I listen to you!

I think I'm beginning to see the problem here.


"The boys went downtown." "Is that where Erick is?"

The radio is on.

How did you know where I lived?


It was no bigger than a soccer ball.


He almost drowned in the river.

Wilmer thinks he's related to me.

He pressed me for a prompt reply.


Had you all been fighting when she left?


May I ask you a favor?

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Such a strange thing is not likely to happen.

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But I was always too lazy.


This was easy.

Some animals are endowed with special gifts.

Does that answer the question?

Suddenly, my mother started singing.

Shahid may not want to be seen talking to Miles.

Let's set up a time for the picnic.

The little Maria likes to draw pictures with crayons.

They gave me a vase on my retirement.

Petr gave Kuldip some useful information.


He drinks a bottle of beer at dinner.

The work leaves traces on Tatoeba...

Was it you that left the door open last night?

I wasn't permitted to see her.

Kyle doesn't think he'll be able to finish the job by himself.

Who is this person?

Do you keep in contact with your high school classmates?


I didn't intend to cry today, but I did.

We have been in Paris.

Sound knowledge of computer systems and programming languages is integral to Paola's job.

I don't know anybody called Wilmer.

There's no time to lose.

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His father breathed his last this morning.

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I still think Manolis is a sexist.

The old woman climbed the stairs with difficulty.

Scott was the first man to reach the pole.

Have you ever worn long underwear?

This is what I like about you.

She covered the mouthpiece of the phone with her hand.

I've been around doctors all my life.

Kirsten is clever and ambitious.

Leave it to the professionals.

Cindy forwarded John the email that he received from Stephen.

Werner was strip-searched.

I play the tenor saxophone.

The girls were dancing lightly like so many butterflies.

Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.

We might need the extra room.

Scores of heavily armed soldiers tightened their grip on the capital. They are blocking streets and cordoning off government buildings as well as the airport.

I'm the one who asked you where Sandip was.


I am fond of the cinema.

It's five o'clock already? Where does the time go?

I don't really want you mad at me.

They both want the same thing.

I only did as I was told.

She dressed him like children dress their pets.

That's quite a problem.

I sentence you to ten years.

Except for a few mistakes, his composition is perfect.


She has a bias toward Japanese literature.


"Fire!", he cried.

Not material, but spiritual things determine our live.

He is superior to the rest in so far as he can speak English.


Because of the storm, we were obliged to stay at home.

We watch TV every day.

Charley will pay for what he did.


Calm down; he's just teasing you.

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Ira didn't have any proof.


She has a lot of history books.

Ask them to explain it.

George asked Izumi if she had enjoyed herself at the party.

I love music as well as sports.

Why didn't someone help her?


I just got your letter yesterday.

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How did Margot's hearing go?

Are you picking up anything else?

I think we're fine.

The medicine had a wonderful effect on him.

A-ha-ha-ha! What a blunder!


I'm thinking of going to Boston next month.

The world's happiest man is me.

Stop talking about her.


There are too many bridges in this city.


I don't need Vern's help.

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What are the terms of the contract?

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What's your favorite kind of shellfish?

It looks like we'd better leave.

That's a waste of my talents.

Can you do anything to fix it?

Do you pay the tunnel toll here?


Hey, John.


I'll make it up to them.


I want to eat some grapes.


Rupert nailed the door shut.


Please wait until I come back.

I have never been to the U.S.

God blesses those who repent.

The news was suppressed for the time being.

Sharan sat near the fire, playing his guitar.


I think we had better wait for another 30 minutes.

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Tycho's painstakingly collected data was reduced by Kepler to become grist for the mill that ground out Newton's gravitational theory.

The streets of this city are narrow.

Could you help me by sending diesel?


World Diabetes Day is on the 14th November.


Charlie intends to play tennis tomorrow afternoon with Piet.

I never go out without buying something.

This condo is getting old. Why don't we redecorate to give it a fresh feel?


The charge for a front row seats is 5 dollars.

I hope Ronni isn't watching us.

It's five o'clock.

It is difficult for foreigners to get used to Japanese food.

I was watching a documentary.

He acted behind the manager's back.

Lynn is still angry with you.

Why do I have to work?

Fap to me children, FAP!!!

She didn't want to drink alcoholic drinks every day. However, beer is her favorite drink, so she drinks non-alcoholic beer every day.

The beautiful girl has a shamrock.